Australia Lapbook


This week we have completed our Australia Lapbook. I found this lapbook on the Homeschool Share website, but I was very disappointed with the minimal information and templates supplied. There was nothing about Aborigines at all! So I designed a number of additional templates. You can download the Homeschool Share lapbook HERE and the additional lapbook elements designed by myself HERE.  We have done quite a lot of research on Australian animals and next week we will be completing our Marsupials Lapbook.

This turned out to be quite a large lapbook in the end. Here is how it folds out. I used 3 sheets of A3 size card and compressed it down to an A4 size lapbook.





These are the books we used to complete our lapbook. The Australia and Oceania book is available to buy from Amazon.


We learned about the different time zones of Australia and the time difference between Australia and the UK.


We learned about the meanings of the Australian flag and the Aboriginal flag and Yusef and Samira wrote about one each.



We learned a lot about Australian animals by watching videos on Youtube. Amina wrote up some facts about the Emu and the Kookaburra and Samira did some research about budgerigars. Amina also made a Platypus Lapbook.


Here are some of the videos we found useful:

This is a section on the Australian Aborigines.


We watched a few Youtube videos about the Aborigines customs and beliefs:

Yusef wrote all about Uluru, a giant rock in the Outback which has spiritual meaning to the Aborigines.


Amina copied up some facts about the Witchetty grubs.


Samira wrote about the boomerang.


Yusef wrote about the didgeridoo.


Yusef wrote up some facts about the platypus.


A petal book about what Emus eat.


Basma and Amina coloured these animal fact cards.



Basma coloured and matched up the Australian slang.



Samira completed this shutterbook on things from Australia.


Some more facts about Emus and a wordsearch on Australian animals. We are currently working on our Marsupials Lapbook. I couldn’t find a wordsearch online that lists only Marsupials, so in the end I made my own. You can view and download our Marsupials Wordsearch HERE.





What a BONZER unit study!


12 comments on “Australia Lapbook

  1. As an Australian I LOVED all your hard work – wow! If there is anything else you would like to know, just ask!

  2. Me too! I am an Australian am embarking on a Aussie homeschool unit for my boys and our co-op. This will help a lot. Thanks.

  3. this looks like a lot of good information…but i can’t get the lapbook links to work…

  4. This is super helpful, thanks so much! We are just going to study Australia and this is such a great start! thanks for sharing!!

  5. The link isn’t working for me either so I would a PDF copy too if possible. Thanks so much!

  6. WOW oh WOW this is amazing!! Thank you soooo very much for such wonderful information and sharing!! Sooo excited to do this with my treasures this year! YAY! 🙂
    Thanks heaps!! Happy learning,
    smiles Sharnee 🙂

  7. This looks amazing! My middle son told me last night that he wanted to study about Australia. This will be perfect!

  8. This is wonderful! The link isn’t working for me either and I was wondering if you could email me the PDF’s? Thank you so much for sharing.

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