Al-Jumu’ah (Friday) Lapbook


I recently designed this lapbook to teach my children about the importance of Jumu’ah (Friday) and the etiquettes of Salaatul Jumu’ah (Friday Prayer). This lapbook was completed as a joint effort by my eldest son and daughter. If you like this lapbook (which includes a complete set of references and ahadith to support this subject) and would like to make a similar one, you can download the files HERE.

This is what the lapbook looks like when opened out.



Samira completed this shutter book on how we prepare for Salaatul Jumu’ah.



Yusef completed this flapbook on the etiquettes of Salaatul Jumu’ah.



The meaning of Jumu’ah and how to pronounce it correctly.


How Jumu’ah relates to Prophet Adam, peace be upon him.


The Excellence of Salaatul Jumu’ah.


The one who dies on Jumu’ah.


The Excellence of giving charity on Jumu’ah.


A reminder to those who neglect Salaatul Jumu’ah.



13 comments on “Al-Jumu’ah (Friday) Lapbook

  1. MashaAllah. I can’t wait to do this lapbook with my Daughter 🙂 Jazakillah khair sister . Good job kids!

  2. AoA…
    Love your work with your children. HAving trouble downloading the lapbook(s). Could you please email it to me JAK

  3. MashaAllah tabarak Allah thats really great! I am yet to do a lapbook with my kids…first time for everything but i hope to do one on butterflies as we visited a buitterfly exhibition just last weekend.

  4. AoA. Is the booklet you recommended necessary for completing the lapbook or will the information provide by yourself suffice?

  5. Assalamualaikum
    MashAllah i really loved the way the lapbook has been created by your children. This will be something i will be doing with my son insha Alla, jazakAllah khairan for the inspiration 🙂

  6. Assalamualaikum.. MashaAllah.. thank you very much for your sincere effort on this. May Allah reward your good deeds and may Allah bless you and family always. I am new to homeschooling. Will be starting next Monday in shaa Allah. one question : may i know what is the book that you refer on this (Al-Jumuah) for the facts? or can you advice me on how can I get all the facts as written by your child in this lapbook?

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