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Day 54 & Day 55: Al-Ghaniyy & Al-Qadeer



On Day 54 we focused on Allah’s Name Al-Ghaniyy ~ The One Free from All Needs. You can download the worksheet for Al-Ghaniyy HERE.

Shaykh Sa’dee, rahimahullah explained in his book “Explanation of the Beautiful and Perfect Names of Allah”:

Al-Ghanee (The Self-Sufficient, The Rich), al-Mughnee (The Sufficient)

He is Self-Sufficient completely and unrestrictedly, deference is given to His perfection and the perfection of His Attributes. He has absolutely no deficiency of any kind, it is not possible that He be anything but Self-Sufficient, for self-sufficiency is from the necessary consequences of His Essence. Similarly it is not possible for Him to be anything but the Creator, The All-Powerful, the Provider and the Bestower of good. He is not in need of anything or anyone, He is the Self-Sufficient in Whose Hand lie the treasures of the heavens and the earth, and the treasures of this life and the Hereafter. He suffices for the whole of His creation generally, and is specifically sufficient for the believers in that He confers upon their hearts nurturing knowledge and the realities of faith.

“Kind words and forgiving faults are better than giving in charity. Allaah is the Rich, the Forebearing.” (2:263)

“And your Lord is Self-Sufficient, full of Mercy. If He Will He could destroy you and out in your place make who He Will to be successors, just as He raised you from the seed of another people.” (6:133)


On Day 55 we are focusing on Allah’s Name Al-Qadeer ~ The All-Powerful. You can download the worksheet for Al-Qadeer HERE.

Shaykh Sa’dee explained Allah’s Name in his book:

Al-Qadeer (All-Powerful, the Able)

The One Who has complete and perfect power and ability, by His Power He brought everything into existence, by it He arranges all the affairs, by it He fashioned and perfected the creation, by it He brings to life and causes to die, by it He will resurrect the servants for their recompense – rewarding the one who did good with His good and the one who worked evil with His Hellfire. The One Who, when He wills a thing to be he merely says ‘Be!’ and it is. By His power and ability he turns the hearts and directs them to whatsoever He Wills and Desires. 

“For every nation there is a direction which they face, so hasten towards all that is good. Wheresoever you may be, Allaah will bring you together, Allaah is Able to do all things.” (2:148)

“(What is the matter with you?) When a single disaster smites you, although you smote (your enemies) with one twice as great, you say: From where does this come to us? Say: It is from yourselves (because of your evil deeds). And Allaah is the All-Powerful.” (3:165)


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