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Hijaab Notebooking Pages


Yesterday I designed a set of 12 Notebooking pages on the topic of Hijaab which you can download HERE.

As a mother of four girls, may Allah protect them, I know this topic will be of great importance to us. My girls have already developed a love for the hijaab, alhamdulillah, with my eldest daughter wearing hijaab full time now. I have been doing some lessons with my eldest daughter Samira on the lives of the Mothers of the believers and how they are our perfect role models. I designed the Mothers of the Believers Notebooking Pages for her to use as part of her studies and we have also been looking back at the Hijaab Lapbook she made when she was younger.

These pages are designed to be used for the student to write their own explanations and understanding of the topic of Hijaab. If they are able, they should try to do their own research and include as many references and evidences as necessary in their work.


I recommend the following books to be used for research insha’Allah (click the links to see where to purchase):

You may also find the following articles beneficial insha’Allah:


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