Our Botany Project


Masha’Allah, our Botany Project is coming along really well. Today we are looking at the parts of flowers and reproduction in detail. Since publishing our Botany Notebooking Pages I have had quite a few requests asking where we get our information and what books we are working from.

We are working from the Usborne Science Encyclopedia pages 250-295. It goes into a huge amount of detail so I am having to simplify some of it for my children by writing notes on our whiteboard. By clicking through to the Usborne Quiklinks, we can watch videos, see diagrams and play games to learn all about plants. And we also go out to the park and collect various plant parts to examine under our microscope.


Below you can see some examples of their work. They copy drawings from the book or draw from their own minds. My two younger girls, Amina and Basma are 5yrs and 4yrs respectively, and because they are early readers/writers, they practise writing on the whiteboard, and when we come to complete the sheets they dictate to me what they understand and I write it down on the board for them to copy. They also practise pre-writing and then we correct any spelling mistakes afterwards. They then read back to me what they have written as it’s important that they understand their own writing. This has given them a lot of confidence and improvement in their handwriting and spelling over the last few weeks, masha’Allah.








4 comments on “Our Botany Project

  1. Ma shaa Allah, Great work by your children, and a great, rewarding effort by you. SubhanAllah. So pleased to see their work! One question: How much time do you think children give to botany lessons (including from your explaining to them on the whiteboard to their producing their work on the notebooking pages) each day? I want to do these too, but so far, I am unable to manage. After my daughter is back from School, we only manage reading OR writing and Quran recitation. I would say, overall, we spend about 40 minutes reading, 20-25 minutes writing each day with 30 minutes recitation. We have only been able to give 30 minutes to Maths/numeracy per week lately which I think is too little. Yaa Allah, Birahmatika astagheethu, help me please. We also do 2-3 craft activities (arabic/islamic studies) each week. I don’t want to push my recently turned 6 year old too much, as my heart is fully into Homeschooling, yet she is doing a lot at school too. Any advice will be helpful. Jazaaki Allahu khayr sister. Keep it up! Assalaamu Alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa BarakaatuHu

  2. Really beautiful work. Please may I use your lovely examples as examples in my teaching?

    • Yes, please feel free to use whatever you like. I post them to share 🙂

      • A blessing on your day. Here in Uk it is raining but beautiful nether the less. Thank you so much for giving permission to use your photos. I will certainly direct attention to your blog. I am currently teaching a group of lovely Moslem women how to homeschool their children using the Montessori principles and philosophy. The lovely work shown here will really encourage them. Many blessings. Lynne T-C

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