Day 50 & 51: Al-Hameed & Al-Hayy


Today is Day 50 and we have been focusing on Allah’s Name Al-Hameed ~ The Praiseworthy.

You can download the worksheet for Al-Hameed HERE.

Al-Hameed (the One Who is praised)

In His Person, Names, Attributes and Actions, He possesses the best of names and the most perfect of attributes and the best and most complete actions for indeed the Actions of Allaah are based upon Grace and Justice.

“Alif Laam Raa. A Book which We have revealed to you that you might lead mankind out of darkness into the light by the leave of their Lord, the Mighty, Al-Hameed” (14:1)

On Day 51 we will be looking at Allah’s Name Al-Hayy: The Living (The One Who will never die)

You can download the worksheet for this Name HERE.

Al-Hayy (The Living), Al-Qayyum (The Sustainer)

The One Who has perfect life, existing in and of Himself and not dependant upon anyone else. The Sustainer of the inhabitants of the heavens and the earth, the One Who regulates their affairs and provisions. The Living includes all of the Attributes of His Self and The Sustainer includes all the Attributes of His Actions.

“Allaah! There is no deity worthy of worship but Him, Al-Hayy, the Sustaining.” (3:2)


4 comments on “Day 50 & 51: Al-Hameed & Al-Hayy

  1. ASA Sis! These are great worksheets! I have two questions: I want to create some coloring worksheets for my son. Where did you find the English & Arabic outline fonts for your worksheets? The fonts are awesome! And what program did you use? JAK for your assistance, and may Allah reward you for your efforts.

    • Asalamu alaykum, I use WordArt, part of the Microsoft Word suite. The English Font is called ‘Cooper Black’ and the Arabic font is called ‘Traditional Arabic’ both fonts are included in the Microsoft Office suite.

  2. as-salamu alaikum,

    Thank you very much for all of your hard work, may Allah (SWT) reward you. ameen

    When I click on the link to open the document, it takes me to an Adobe page that offers suggestions on how to better my Adobe experience (obviously, these are options that require an additional monthly charge.) How can I open up your documents directly?

    Also, my son is only four years old and we are working with the names of Allah (SWT). I was wondering if you, or anyone else you may know, has the Names of Allah (SWT) lapbook that would help me to explain the meaning behind these names? For example, we were discussing Muhaymeen, The Protector. My son asks me if that is like the police. I respond, “something like that but even bigger than the police.” I would like to help him get to know Allah (SWT) in way that he will understand.

    aicha 🙂

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