Stories of the Prophets of Islam Notebooking Pages


In preparation for Ramadhan, I am busy designing Notebooking pages for our lessons. Alongside our Ramadhan Notebooking Pages we will also be focusing on the stories of the Prophets of Islam (alayhim asalam) insha’Allah.

I have created a set of 25 pages (plus a front cover), one for each of the 25 Prophets specifically mentioned in the Qur’an. You can download the full set of pages HERE.

Also, don’t miss out on our Seerah of Prophet Muhammad Notebook Pages


6 comments on “Stories of the Prophets of Islam Notebooking Pages

  1. jazakAllah khair for the book..may sound silly but wat is best way to fill it in and the ramadhan book also.any ideas would b great.

    • Asalamu alaykum,

      We are using the Learning Roots books on Stories of the Prophets and Stories of the Prophets by Ibn Kathir. We will read one of the stories per day. For the Ramadhaan book, it is about doing your own personal research insha’Allah…. a quest for knowledge if you like. I will try to find a recommended resource for this for those who are unsure what information to include.

  2. Asalamu alaykum,,
    jazakAllah khair These are wonderful! I used some of your other printables and LOVE them.
    May allah reward you and your family in this life and hereafter
    Thanks again

  3. Asalamualaykum sorry can’t seem to download anything as I kept getting the message that my browser isn’t compatible?

    Do you know how can fix this?


    Ws x

    • Walaykum salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu Sister,

      You could try updating to the latest version of your browser (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome). If you’re still having problems, let me know and I’ll email you the files you need directly inshaa’Allah.

  4. Great! I am using some of these pages to create a small prophet booklet project for the sunday school kids.

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