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Names of Allah ~ Puzzle Match Cards (Set 4)


If you have been following along with counting down the 99 Names of Allah, then you will probably have seen the Puzzle Match Cards I have been creating as we go along.

We have now covered 44 Names and you can review the previous 11 Names using these Puzzle Match Cards which are available to download by clicking on the links below.

To download the previous 3 sets click HERE.


One comment on “Names of Allah ~ Puzzle Match Cards (Set 4)

  1. Thanks for teaching our children about Allah. Islamic child support Uganda is always following you8 teaching, keep it up brothers and sisters. ICSU is an organization that care for the children in need especially orphans, street children and those which come from poor families. We dearly want them to know more and more about Allah and Islamic religion in general but we dont have teaching staff like Qur’an and other Islamic books which are very important for them. We have some one who is always teaching them but without books. We have 40 registered very poor children and many more come to ICSU center for daily activities and 15 are sleeping at the center. We would like to see them dressing in smart Islamic dressing stile during the month of Ramadan but none of any one has it . We wish you a month of Ramadan. SALAAM ALEIKUM Nsamba Abdullah Mohamad Executive Directer ICSU Kampala Uganda. +256-704530621 or +256-752096441

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