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Day 43: Al-Hakam ~ The Judge


Today we are focusing on Allah’s Name: Al-Hakam ~ The Judge.

You can download the worksheet for this name HERE.

Short Explanation from “The Explanation of the Beautiful and Perfect Names of Allah” by Sheikh Sa’dee:

Al-Hakam (The Judge)

The One who judges between His Servants in this life and the Hereafter with His Justice and Fairness. He will not oppress anyone to the extent of an atoms weight and none will be made to carry the encumbrance of another. No servant will be recompensed in a way that is greater that the magnitude of his sin, he will be given only what he deserves. Not a single persons right will be denied him, He is the Just in His regulation and decree.

“Indeed My Lord is upon the Straight Path.” (11:56)

“Say: I am on clear proof from my Lord, but you deny (the truth). I do not have what you are impatient for (i.e. the Punishment). The judgement is only for Allaah, He declares the truth, and He is the best of judges.” (6:57)


One comment on “Day 43: Al-Hakam ~ The Judge

  1. […] The One who is All-Wise in His Sayings and Actions, who puts things in their suitable places according to His Wisdom and Justice. He is the One to Whom belongs the highest wisdom, the One Who is All-Wise in His creating and commanding, Who perfected every thing He created, “…and Who is better than Allah in judgment for a people who have firm faith?” (5:50) Therefore He has created nothing out of mere triviality and He has legislated nothing that is vain and of no use. The One to Whom belongs wisdom in the beginning and the end. He has three areas of ruling which nothing else has a share in: He rules between His servants with respect to His Law, His Decree and His Recompense. Wisdom is to place something in its correct place. …more Worksheets for Kids from Iman’s Home-School: Al-Hakam […]

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