Day 41: Al-Ahad ~ The Unique

Following on from yesterday’s Name of Allah Al Waahid, the One and Only, today we are focusing on Allah’s Name Al-Ahad, the One who is Unique in His Oneness.

You can download the worksheet for Al-Ahad HERE.

Shaykh Sa’dee said in his famous tafseer:

“He is the One Who is singled out in all aspects of Perfection such that nothing else shares with Him in these. It is obligatory upon the servants to single Him out alone in belief, saying and action by acknowledging His unrestricted perfection, His uniqueness and singling Him out Alone for all types of worship.”

The meaning of al-Ahad is the Unique, who is forever One and has never and will never have another alongside Him. (al-Nihaayah, 1/35).

Allaah is Unique in His Oneness, in being One in His essence and attributes. Some (scholars) differentiated between al-Waahid and al-Ahad by saying that al-Waahid refers to His being one in His essence only, whilst al-Ahad means that He is one in both His essence and His attributes. (Tafseer Asmaa’ Allaah by al-Zajjaaj, p. 58).


5 comments on “Day 41: Al-Ahad ~ The Unique

  1. why i am so difficult to download the worksheet??
    jazakillah ummi

  2. […] A Worksheet for Kids from Iman’s Home-School: Al-Ahad […]

  3. Assalamu alaykum sister

    When I click on the link to download the worksheet it takes me here: https://www.acrobat.com/en_us.html

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