Day 36: Ar-Rabb ~ The Lord & Nurturer

36. Ar-Rabb

Day 36 already, and today we are focusing on Allah’s Name: Ar-Rabb ~ The Lord & Nurturer.

You can download the worksheet for this Name HERE.

You can also download a colouring sheet relating to this Name HERE.


For more activities that relate to Allah’s Name, Ar-Rabb, why not check out our ‘Who is Your Lord? Lapbook’ from the Aqeedah Series.

Shaykh As-Sa’dee mentioned in his book “Explanation to the Beautiful and Perfect Names of Allah”:

This name has been repeatedly mentioned in many verses. Ar-Rabb is the One Who nurtures and sustains all of His servants through
regulating the affairs and granting all types of favours and blessings.
More specifically He is the One Who nurtures and sustains his sincere friends by correcting and purifying their hearts, souls and manners.
This is why their supplications are frequently made with this Noble
Name because they seek this specific nurturing.

“And your Lord is Most Forgiving, Owner of Mercy. Were He to
call them to account for what they had earned then surely He would
have hastened on their punishment. But they have their appointed
time beyond which they will find no escape.” (18:58)

You can read further explanations of this Name HERE.


2 comments on “Day 36: Ar-Rabb ~ The Lord & Nurturer

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