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Belief in the Angels Notebooking Pages

As part of our Islamic Studies we are covering the six Pillars of Eemaan in detail. We are working from the set of six books by Muhammad al-Jibaly. Teaching children correct Aqeedah and the fundamentals of Tawheed is an obligation upon us as parents and teachers. Recently I made a set of Notebooking Pages on […]

Day 58: Al-A’laa & Day 59: Al-‘Aliyy

On Day 58 we are focusing on Allah’s Name Al-A’laa ~ The Most High. You can download the worksheet for this Name HERE. On Day 59 we will be focusing on Allah’s Name Al-‘Aliyy ~ The Sublime and you can download the worksheet for this Name HERE. For a full and detailed explanation of these […]

Human Body Notebooking Pages (4)

I have designed a further 10 Notebooking pages covering the Heart, the Lungs, the Blood Vessels and Blood Cells, all of which you can download by clicking on the listed links below. For the previous pages on the Brain, Nerves, Sensory Organs, Bones, Muscles, Teeth, Eyes, Ears and Nose click HERE. You can download these […]

Day 56: Al-Qareeb and Day 57: Al-Kabeer

On Day 56 we focused on Allah’s Name Al-Qareeb ~ The One Who is Near. You can download this worksheet HERE. Shaykh Sa’dee, rahimahullah, explained this name: Al-Qareeb (The Close), Al-Mujeeb (The Answerer) He, Exalted is He, is close to everybody, this closeness being of two types: The general closeness which means His being close […]

Qur’an Comprehension: Halaal and Haraam

Our Sister Umm Fatima has kindly shared some of her Qur’an Comprehension unit study with us. This is a comprehension file introducing children to the halaal and the haraam as explained in the Qur’an. You can download this worksheet HERE.

Qur’an Comprehension: Surah Al-An’aam Notebooking Pages

Alhamdulillah, today I have the pleasure of sharing a contribution from a fellow homeschooler and our Sister in Islam, Umm Fatima. Umm Fatima has designed this small study unit aimed to teach the essence of Tawheed ul Ibaadah from Surah Al-An’aam (The Cattle). May Allah accept it from her and reward her for sharing, ameen. You […]

Human Body Notebooking Pages (3)

I have just finished designing a further 11 pages covering the Eye, the Ear and the Nose. Previously I designed pages covering Teeth, Bones and Muscles, and prior to that, the Brain, Nerves and Organs, all of which you can download HERE. You can now download the following pages: The Eye (1) The Eye (2) […]