Names of Allah ~ Puzzle Match Cards (Set 2)


For those of you who are following along with learning the Names of Allah, you will know that I have been producing daily (well, almost daily) Names of Allah Worksheets, I am also preparing sets of matching cards to review the Names learned every 11 days. If you haven’t done so already then why not download the Names of Allah ~ Puzzle Match Cards (Set 1) to learn and review the first 11 Names of Allah.

Today the kids are reviewing the next 11 Names using the second set of cards. If you like these cards you can download them below insha’Allah.

You can use these cards to play memory games as well as matching games. The cards can be printed, cut out and laminated if you wish. Laminating the black and white cards is a good idea since they can be used for Arabic writing practise too. You can use a dry wipe marker and have your children practise going over the names. The colour cards are aimed at the younger kids who can practise matching by colour.


3 comments on “Names of Allah ~ Puzzle Match Cards (Set 2)

  1. Jazakiallah khair sister for a lovely resource. May i ask how you made them with the arabic font in this way? is there any specific font you used and how can i obtain the same? My daughter struggles with arabic writing and spelling and i think something like this would help her insha’allah.

  2. Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah. Jazaki Allah khair fee al Dunya wa al Akhira!

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