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Day 17: Al-Musawwir ~ The Fashioner

17. Al-Musawwir

Asalamu alaykum,

Here we are on Day 17 focusing on Allah’s Name: Al-Musawwir’ ~ The Fashioner. The worksheet for this name can be downloaded HERE. 

You can also download a colouring sheet for this Name HERE.

The names Al Khaaliq (The Creator), Al-Baari’ (The Originator) and Al Musawwir (The Giver of Form) are all closely interconnected.

You can watch this video link for a detailed explanation of this Name.

This Name of Allah is so beautiful and I wanted to share with you some of my daughter’s artwork based on this Name from her Butterflies Lapbook.


If anyone is missing any of the worksheets, please click to visit the Names of Allah section on my blog to download insha’Allah.


One comment on “Day 17: Al-Musawwir ~ The Fashioner

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