‘Grow Your Own’ Project Diary


Spring has finally spring and we have kicked off our ‘Grown Your Own’ Project.

I went to our local supermarket last week and bagged some bargain terracotta pots. I told the kids they could each chose something they’d like to grow. We picked up seeds, and some compost and got started.


I told the kids to make a little sign for each of their pots so they know what is growing inside. Samira is growing sunflowers, Yusef is growing peppers, Amina is growing courgettes and Basma is growing carrots insha’Allah.


They worked together to fill their pots with fresh compost and plant their seeds.


We are keeping diaries to show the growth of the plants.



Amina writing about planting the sunflowers.


Basma writing about planting peppers.


They can’t wait for the seedlings to sprout insha’Allah … we are counting down the days!

You can download the following sheets:


2 comments on “‘Grow Your Own’ Project Diary

  1. As Salaamu Alaiki Umm Imaan,
    Hayaakillah ukhti. I wanted to know where I can find the sheets you used for the “Grow your Own” growth diary? Insha allah my children are going to do the same project and I think the sheets would be helpful. May Allah give you Jannah for all of your efforts.

    • Walaykum salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu Sister,

      I will try to upload the worksheets today inshaa’Allah. They are on my old computer so I need to look them up first. Barak’Allahu feeki for your kind comment.

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