Day 12: Ash-Shakoor ~ The Appreciative

12. Ash-Shukoor

Asalamu alaykum. Insha’Allah you are all having fun and benefiting from learning the Name and Attributes of Allah. As you seek Allah’s pleasure and your good deeds increase, know that Allah is Ash-Shakoor – The Appreciative – The One Who recognises and appreciates your efforts, no matter how insignificant you may consider them to be.

You can download the worksheet for today’s Name of Allah HERE and you will find a nice explanation of this name via this video link.

And for added fun you can review the previous 11 names with this Names of Allah Wordsearch.

And for younger ones, how about this Colouring Page? Click on the image to download, inshaa’Allah. More Names of Allah colouring sheets available HERE.



3 comments on “Day 12: Ash-Shakoor ~ The Appreciative

  1. Sis, would it be possible (if youre not already) to update these old posts with the new items youre making (word search and such) so that when I share them on the resource tabs I can use one link for everything on that name?

  2. […] Worksheet for Kids from Iman’s Home-School: Ash-Shakoor Sample […]

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