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Day 10: Al-Lateef

10. Al-Lateef

This has got to be one of my most favourites of the blessed names of Allah: Al Lateef ~ The Most Subtle, The Kind.

I have just prepared the worksheet for this name which you can download HERE.

I read about this name of Allah recently and I’d like to share with you a beautiful quote from Shaykh Sa’dee, rahimahullah:


“And how many a servant has sought to be honored by attaining something of the dunya – leadership, or status or anything that he may love – and Allah removed it from him out of His mercy so that it does not harm him in his deen. The slave then is persistent in his depression out of his ignorance and lack of awareness of His Rabb. If he only knew what was kept hidden from him, and that Allah only kept it from him for his own betterment, he would have praised Allah, and thanked Him –For Allah is AL LATEEF – Kind, Loving, and Gentle to His close servants.”

You can download more Names of Allah Colouring Sheets featuring ayaat from Qur’aan HERE.




One comment on “Day 10: Al-Lateef

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