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Day 9: Al-Azeez

9. Al-Azeez

Today we are focusing on Allah’s Name: Al-Azeez ~ The Mighty

You can download today’s worksheet HERE. You can read the indepth explanation of this name on the Tayyibaat blog or you can listen to this video link.

May Allah reward the sister who has been putting in a lot of time and effort to prepare these fantastic Names of Allah graphics to share with us, ameen!

You can download more Names of Allah Colouring Sheets featuring ayaat from Qur’aan HERE.



One comment on “Day 9: Al-Azeez

  1. […] 1) Al-Azeez with the meaning of invincible who cannot be overcome. 2) Al-Azeez with the meaning of the Overpowering who cannot be overcome and nor subdued. 3) Al-Azeez with the of strong (qawiyy) and severe (shadeed) (in strength). 4) Al-Azeez with the meaning that he is extremely precious and that nothing equals Him or is like Him or is a peer to Him. A Worksheet for Kids from Iman’s Home-School: Al’Azeez […]

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