Weekly Themes Calendar


After deciding to change routine and plan our studies around monthly themes, I have also planned weekly themes with smaller, varied activities. I saw on a few home-school blogs recently, how families plan activities based on themes and I took inspiration from them and designed my own interactive calendar. It is mainly for my younger two girls, to get them enthusiastic about starting their studies. When they can see the subjects on the calendar, they have an idea of what we will be focusing on in the week ahead.

So here is the jist of our calendar. We have a food of the week, an animal of the week and a country of the week. And we also have a characteristic of the week alongside a verse from the Qur’an and hadith from our prophet Muhammad (sall’Allahu alayhi wasalam). Also on the calendar we have the day, the weather and the the season. All of the cards are laminated and can be attached using the velcro dots. In the bottom, right corner is a 100 square chart for the kids to mark off 100 days of school, and at the end we’ll have a little treat, as a reward.


I have made a set of 36 cards for each, although I haven’t printed them all yet so as to save ink, and this will last us 36 weeks which, insha’Allah, gives me time to prepare more for the future.

These are some of the cards we will be using in the coming weeks.









So, we kick-started April with themes on Pizza, Sharks and Algeria.

The kids have been busy making pizza books on the history of pizza, how to make pizza and favourite pizza toppings and well as other pizza-themed worksheets.

They have also been making a Shark Lapbook 


Samira has been working on her Algeria Lapbook and they’ve all been doing some map reading and completing worksheets on Algeria.

The characteristic trait being focused on this week is “helpful”. I let my son, Yusef, take the lead in getting the kids to brainstorm ways of being helpful and jotting them down on a cloud chart which they then all coloured in together.


We’ve been having lots of fun and everybody seems to have developed a burst of enthusiasm, it’s amazing what a change of routine makes, masha’Allah!


3 comments on “Weekly Themes Calendar

  1. ASA,

    Insha’Allah your family is doing well. I was wondering if you had the above for download. The cards that go along with the weekly themes. Like the character cards and the reflections cards(based on hadith) etc. for download?

    • Asalamu alaykum Deanna,

      I’m so sorry, I haven’t been able to make these files available yet. I have been very busy the last few months and haven’t had much time for blogging. I am trying to catch up with preparing files and I will share them as soon as possible inshaa’Allah

  2. Asalamualaykum sister this is really good I have also been thinking of doing one myself inshallah will wait for the file and add my own things one it. 🙂

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