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Buying Sweets Maths Game


I recently bought a selection of educational aids from an organisation called The Resource People. They have a page on Facebook where you can order from their stock. They are very good prices with all products tried and tested by teachers and parents.


One of the items I bought was a maths addition game called ‘Buying Sweets’. It’s for up to 4 players. It’s suited for Key Stage 1 which is most suitable, if not a little easy, for my daughter Basma who is 4 yrs old. The kids all play together and the older kids check that the younger two are adding up correctly.


Each player has a board and the sum cards are all turned face down on the table. They each take a turn to choose a card. They must read and work out the sum on the card. If the total of the sum is on their playing board they can put that card on their board but if it doesn’t match then they must replace the card and the next person has a go. The winner is the one who fills up their board first.


This is a well designed and durable game and the little ones are learning without even realising. I’m planning to buy more maths games like this since it is an effective and fun method of learning.


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