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Fun~tastic Fruits & Veggies

It’s not always easy to get kids to eat fruits and vegetables. So why not find ways to make them seem more appealing … We made this great fresh fruit salad recently after seeing this picture posted on Facebook. The kids were impressed and I didn’t need to ask them twice to make sure they […]

April Fool’s Day (Prohibition of Lying) Lapbook

The 1st of April is fast approaching and for many around the world this is a day of practical jokes and hoaxes. But many people don’t seem to understand the negative implications of this day. Let’s break it down … What is a hoax? It’s a trick, right? Or to put it another way … it’s a […]

Origins of Easter Worksheets

My kids have been aware that Easter is coming ever since the Easter eggs came out in the local supermarket the day after Christmas! So, it’s Easter next week and I decided to explain to my children that Easter isn’t just a time of year when people scoff a load of chocolate eggs (even though […]

Monthly Theme

I’ve realised that just lately we have been slacking slightly and in my case, procrastinating. As someone who is usually very organised and cannot do without some sort of routine and structure I’ve found myself pondering over things the last few days. Sometimes things happen in life that throw you off course and then you […]

More Educational Games

These are a few more of the educational games and aids that I bought from The Resource People. First up are the Equivalence Dominoes. These dominoes are great for teaching values as percentage, decimal or fraction. Here are a set of cards also designed to teach equivalent fractions, percentages and decimals. The child looks at the […]

Buying Sweets Maths Game

I recently bought a selection of educational aids from an organisation called The Resource People. They have a page on Facebook where you can order from their stock. They are very good prices with all products tried and tested by teachers and parents. One of the items I bought was a maths addition game called […]

Penguin Lapbook

As part of our unit study on the Polar Regions, my daughter, Samira asked to do a lapbook about penguins. I’d been looking online for some resources to make the lapbook but didn’t really come across anything suitable so in the end I bought this book called ‘100 Facts about Penguins’ from Amazon and designed […]