Salaat Clocks (Tell the Time) Interactive Poster


The lastest addition to our dining room/class room wall is our Salaat Clocks Interactive Poster. I designed this poster for my two younger daughters, Amina and Basma. They have been asking me lately for a watch and I told them that they could have a watch if they first learn to tell the time.

I can’t actually recall how Yusef, my eldest learned to tell the time, I think it was just something he picked up daily, but with my eldest daughter Samira, I made a Telling Time Lapbook with her. She was fine telling time with a digital clock/watch but this lapbook was designed to reinforce telling time via analogue.

Amina and Basma roughly understand how to read a digital clock but in order to cover everything I came up with this poster. I designed and printed the parts for the poster, laminating the clock hands for durability as well as the digital numbers. If you like this poster and would like to make your own you can download my Salaat Clock printable files.

You may also find these Telling Time Worksheets useful for practise.

This is a large poster which I made by taping 6 sheets of A3 card together as I haven’t had time to pick up any larger sheets of card. I glued down the title, the prayer names and the clock faces. I used velcro stick on squares on the digital clock so that the numbers can be changed daily.


I cut out and laminated the digital numbers and added the velcro sticky patch to the back of each card. You will need to print several copies of the numbers to ensure you have enough for each clock.


The numbers are then attached to the poster using the velcro pads.



The hands of the analogue clocks are fully adjustable. I have made them two different colours to help the children understand about hour hand and minute hand. They are laminated and attached with a brass fastener.


I created some blank cards for the digital clock, but you don’t have to use these if you wish to teach the 24 hour clock.





3 comments on “Salaat Clocks (Tell the Time) Interactive Poster

  1. love the digital clock part maashAllah tabarakAllah.
    jazakillah khair for sharing

  2. Assalaamu alaykum,
    We actually did a very similar thing at home. I wish I had known you had already made a printable … it would have saved me a lot of time! If you get a moment, please check it out on my blog http://www.ourmuslimhomeschool.blogspot.co.uk/2015/06/islamic-calendar-for-children_14.html
    I really like the idea of putting the digital clock underneath. I think I nees to do that on mine.
    Hope you having a good Ramadan.
    Best wishes

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