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Ancient Rome and Leaflet Learning


I find one of the best ways for my children to show what they have learned and understood is to have them make leaflets and posters.

Over the past year my older two children have spent alot of time reading from various fact books for their studies. They love learning about history and their favourite way of learning is by reading fact books and watching documentaries.

When we were learning about Ancient Rome before starting straight on with a lapbook, I gave my son some fact books and left him to read and discover for himself. After a couple of hours of doing his own research we had a discussion about what he’d learned and then I asked him to make a fact leaflet.




Designing leaflets, writing short facts and drawing objects is a good way for children to recall what they have learned and it also helps them to better retain information.

Below is my daughters leaflet which she made on garden animals. This was one of the end of chapter activities from her English textbook.




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