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Inuit & Eskimo Lapbook

We’ve been finishing off our unit study on the Polar Regions. This is my son, Yusef’s lapbook on the Inuit and Eskimo people. Before starting this lapbook I looked online for any templates but there seem to be very few available. So with the help of the First Peoples of Canada Website I made most […]

COMING SOON: Ancient Rome Lapbook

As part of our studies on the History of Ancient Rome, I have designed a lapbook for my children to complete. Yusef has already made a start on his lapbook. I made the templates for this lapbook using the two books below which are available to buy online from Amazon. I will be posting pictures and […]

Salaat Clocks (Tell the Time) Interactive Poster

The lastest addition to our dining room/class room wall is our Salaat Clocks Interactive Poster. I designed this poster for my two younger daughters, Amina and Basma. They have been asking me lately for a watch and I told them that they could have a watch if they first learn to tell the time. I […]

Smartie Cookies

I am really not a fan of cooking when it comes to sweets such as cakes and biscuits, not really my forte, but my girls love cooking and baking so much so I am trying to make more of an effort to do some cooking with them. My aim is to do some cooking at […]

Multiplication File Folder Games

I was looking recently for a way to make learning Multiplication more fun when I came across a set of file folder games, for each of the times tables facts from 2 to 12. They are all available to download from the FileFolderFun website. I made the folder game using a sheet of A3 card folded in half. I […]

Little Tawheed Workbook

A few months ago I came across a set of worksheets on the SalafyInk website which I decided to put together for my two younger girls. The worksheets are aimed at teaching tawheed, understanding that Allah is our Creator and our Lord and Sustainer. Each page is simple and brief with enough information for little […]

Ancient Rome and Leaflet Learning

I find one of the best ways for my children to show what they have learned and understood is to have them make leaflets and posters. Over the past year my older two children have spent alot of time reading from various fact books for their studies. They love learning about history and their favourite […]