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Animals in Winter Lapbook


Samira finished this lapbook recently. I found the templates by chance in the Google search engine when I was looking for materials on hibernation. You can download them HERE.

It’s a nice, simple lapbook for teaching what animals do during the winter months. Some animals hibernate, some migrate and others simply adapt to the snow and freezing temperatures. There are no facts included, only printable templates so you will need to research all the answers to complete the mini books.
The lapbook is made by taping 2 sheets of A3 card together and then folding them in on themselves until it closes as an A4 size folder.


This is a flap in which Samira wrote the definition of hibernation.



This is a double flap explaining how an animals breathing, heartbeat and body temperature change when it goes into hibernation.



In this little flap Samira wrote some details about how squirrels prepare for winter. The ground squirrel hibernates but tree squirrels prepare for winter by storing extra food during the autumn (fall) then when the winter comes it spends most of its time in its den in a state between sleeping and being awake so as to conserve energy and when it needs to eat it goes to its hidden store of food that it collected during the autumn.



Here is an accordion flap listing animals that hibernate right through winter and those who wake up to eat.


I found a wordsearch online and printed that lists animals that hibernate and inside the matchbook on reptiles we had a bit of a giggle when we learned that turtles hibernate at the bottom of ponds and during that time they actually breathe through their … bottoms! (Google it, I’m not kidding)



When the entire lapbook is opened out you can see the sections on Migration and Adaptation.


I added in this sudoku worksheet just for fun.


The section on migration is limited to birds so I created this little folding flap for Samira to write about other animals that also migrate.




In this triangle flap Samira wrote the definition of Migration.


In this flap she wrote about why British birds fly south to Africa for the winter.


In this flap she listed some British birds that fly south for the winter and drew some pictures of them.



This is a map showing the migration route of birds across North America during the winter. I really wanted to find something similar for British birds but unfortunately I couldn’t find anything. So we used the Wikipedia map showing the migration route known as the Atlantic Flyway and Samira copied the routes onto her map.



In this flap Samira wrote the definition for Adatation.



In this flap she wrote about how the Arctic fox adapts to the winter environment.



And similarly in this flap she wrote about how weasels adapt to winter.



And in this flap she wrote about the fascinating things she learned about beavers as they prepare for the winter. We found beavers very interesting after watching some clips about them on Youtube and she even went on to make a lapbook about beavers, masha’Allah.



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