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Monster Cookies


My nearly 10 month old daughter, Zeynab seems to have reverted to being night owl these past few weeks. As you can imagine I’m not getting a great deal of sleep so today I decided we’d do something simple and creative.

It’s been ages since we did any sort of baking/cooking so this morning while we were shopping I grabbed a few bits and pieces to make these funny looking cookie monsters. I got the idea from one of my daughters books.

If you want to be even more creative you could make your own cookies first. Me, being a bit lazy today, bought some big chunky cookies from the supermarket.


We made some buttercream and coloured it with red colouring. We used frosting and sugar pearls to make the eyes and mini marshmallows for the teeth – very cute!


Samira measuring out the icing sugar


Basma creaming the butter


Stir in some red food colouring


Squeeze on some frosting


Add sugar pearls to make the eyes


Spread some butter cream onto the bottom of a cookie


Do the same on the bottom of the other cookie and add some marshmallow teeth to the bottom cookie


Then add a couple more marshmallows to the cookie that will sit on the top.


Place the top cookie on top of the bottom cookie very gently


Et voila! A Cookie Monster!




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