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Arabic Letters (Huroof) Bingo


My two younger girls, Amina and Basma have now mastered the Arabic Alphabet thanks to this wonderful game from Umm An-Numan’s blog – A Muslim Child Is Born.

The sister has prepared a set of four Bingo grid cards displaying a random mixture of Arabic letters on each card.

I printed all four cards and laminated them, one for each of my four eldest children  … I did mention that I’m slightly addicted to laminating things now, didn’t I?

The sister has also designed some Arabic Letter calling cards, but I didn’t print those since we have our own set of flash cards which we used instead.


The kids had great fun playing this with their dad, who called out the Arabic letter while they rushed to circle it on their cards. Samira was the first to get BINGO!



The sister has also designed a set of bingo cards to teach tashkeel – the Arabic vowels – so don’t forget to go over to her blog and check it out insha’Allah. And also check out THIS wonderful activity for teaching letter positions.


One comment on “Arabic Letters (Huroof) Bingo

  1. What a wonderful idea! I teach arabic (mostly reading and writing) to children, and I ended up making flash cards using index cards, but I just might have to buy these!

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