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Animals in Winter Lapbook

Samira finished this lapbook recently. I found the templates by chance in the Google search engine when I was looking for materials on hibernation. You can download them HERE. It’s a nice, simple lapbook for teaching what animals do during the winter months. Some animals hibernate, some migrate and others simply adapt to the snow and freezing […]

Jealousy and Envy Unit Study

While my daughter, Samira was completing her A to Z of Akhlaq Lapbook we stopped along the way to complete various unit studies on Islamic behaviour using the study units from Talibidden Jr Islamic Studies. One of the unit studies she completed was this one on Jealousy and Envy. It’s a short unit that can […]

Mawlid An-Nabawi Innovation Lapbook

It’s that time of year again. The month of Rabi’ al Awal. The month that saw the birth of our beloved Prophet Muhammad, sall’Allahu alayhi wasalam, and, no doubt, many Muslims around the world will be preparing for a celebration, which for some, is seen to be bigger than the festivals of Eid (astaghfirullah!) And which […]

Belief in Allah (Tawheed) Lapbook

As part of our Islamic Studies for the new Islamic year we have been focusing on the Pillars of Eemaan (Faith). My plan is to make a lapbook for each of the 6 Pillars of Eemaan insha’Allah. You can now download our Belief in the Angels Lapbook. I was inspired to make this lapbook after seeing a wonderful […]

Arabic Letters (Huroof) Bingo

My two younger girls, Amina and Basma have now mastered the Arabic Alphabet thanks to this wonderful game from Umm An-Numan’s blog – A Muslim Child Is Born. The sister has prepared a set of four Bingo grid cards displaying a random mixture of Arabic letters on each card. I printed all four cards and laminated […]

Arabic Letter Position Cards

  This is another great idea from Umm An-Numan’s blog – A Muslim Child is Born. The sister has created these great picture cards that help teach children the Arabic letter positions (initial, medial and final). I recently bought myself a laminator … how I’ve homeschooled so far without one I’ll never know … and now […]