Surah Al Fatihah Word Work Book


I came across the templates for these wonderful Qur’an word work books on Umm An-Nu’man’s blog: A Muslim Child Is Born. She has gone to a great deal of effort to create these workbooks and has made them available to download for free from her blog, may Allah reward her, ameen.

To make the workbooks I printed the templates, cut them out and then stuck them down, back to back on coloured card. The first seven pages are the ayat of Surah Al Fatihah, an ayah per page to practise reading.


My husband did these workbooks with the kids since Arabic is his first language. On each page containing an ayah is a word in a box (in the photo below the word is: Ar-Raheem). The kids then have to point out that word in the ayah, then their father would explain to them from the tafsir the meaning of the word and the meaning of the ayah. For the older kids he also would have them recognise and point out the words that were ‘Shamsiyah’ or ‘Qamariyah’.


He also went through with them word by word getting them to recognise various words and whether they were ‘ism’ (إسْمْ) – nouns, ‘fi’l’ (فِعْلْ) – verbs or ‘harf’ (حَرْفْ) – connectives.

On this page the kids have to read the word and then match the correct word card to the correct word box. And again the focus was on recognising the word type and its meaning.


On this little worksheet the kids simply read and match up the pairs of words.


I added these little pockets to the back of the workbook to hold all the game cards.


Inside are some cards with key words to play something like The Memory Game, matching up pairs of words. On winnig a pair of words the kids would then have to explain the word type and meaning etc.



This is called a word-wheel. I didn’t read the instructions on how to use this on Umm An-Numan’s blog, but we came up with our own way to play.


I put a brass fastner through the centre of the wheel, set out a colouring pencil to act as a pointer and then we spin the wheel on the brass fastner and when it stops spinning, the word the pencil is pointing to is the word we focus on. The mini word cards at the side are laid out and the child picks up the correct word card to match the word indicated on the word wheel and then goes on to explain the word, its type and meaning. 


These are 4 large cards which form the word ‘maaliki’ when reassembled in the correct order.



And similarly, these cards are also designed to be fitted together to form words.



I highly recommend these Qur’an word work books, please go over to Umm An-Numan’s blog to check them out insha’Allah. She has made a number of them covering Surah Al Fatihah and eight other small surahs, each with a different assortment of activities, masha’Allah. I will post some of the other ones we have made soon insha’Allah.


3 comments on “Surah Al Fatihah Word Work Book

  1. assalam u alaikum
    jazakallah u khairan for giving me the material may allah reward u abundantly
    mashallah beautiful work. may allah make ur kids pious and righteous . i am mother of 4 .my elder two r age nearly 8 and 4.i am searching english and maths syllabus for them . can u tell me what syllabus r u doing with ur kids. i think more,i want to home educate my kids but my english is not good because my mother language is urdu. what should i do can u advice me
    jazakallah u khairan .

  2. assalam u alaikum
    how can i download surah fatiha word work book please guide me
    jazakallah u khairan

    • Walaykum salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu Sister,

      You should be able to click through to Umm An-Num’an’s blog where you can download for free insha’Allah. Barak’Allahu feeki

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