Tashkeel File Folder Game


I was recently looking for some resources for teaching Arabic when I came across this wonderful file folder game on Umm An-Nu’man’s Blog: A Muslim Child Is Born. The sister has kindly made her files available to download for free, may Allah reward her, so please be sure to go check out her blog insha’Allah.

I made the front cover for this file folder myself as this is not included in the file.

This game is for my younger daughters to begin practising the Arabic vowels. Inside, pasted in the top half of the folder are the three vowels: fatha, kesra and dumma, stuck down in the position as they would be written either above or below the Arabic letters.


In the bottom half of the folder I cut to size a clear plastic wallet to store all the Arabic alphabet cards.

The idea is for the teacher to name a letter, i.e. ‘Sheen’ and then to instruct the vowel and then the child places the letter card in the correct position, insha’Allah.

Sheen, fatha ‘shaa’


Sheen, kesra ‘shee’


Sheen, dumma ‘shoo’


Brilliant Fun, Masha’Allah!



3 comments on “Tashkeel File Folder Game

  1. This is excellent Masha’Allah. Jazakillah Khair for sharing this. I am going to have a go and make one. What size did you make the letters because they look bigger than the ones downloaded?

  2. fantastic! mashaAllah will save these on pc JZK

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