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Arctic Animals File Folder Game


We are currently working on our Polar Regions study unit and I had this file folder game saved for this. I came across it on the File Folder Fun website.

Its perfect for my 2 younger girls to learn and recognise some of the most common Artcic Animals.

I glued down the animals inside the file folder (actually an A3 sheet of card folded in half). The girls decorated the front by sticking down sparkly cutouts of trees and snowflakes that I bought cheap at the end of the last Christmas sales (always a good time to get some cheap, colourful arts and crafts bits).


Then there are 2 printable pages. One with the names of the animals and one with description cards.



First we played a challenge game where the girls had to try to match the name tag to the correct animal and then we played ‘Who Am I?’ by reading out the card description and trying to match it to the correct animal.


Within the space of an hour they could recognise each animal, name it and describe some of its features and activities. We then watched some clips from the BBC documentary about the Polar regions and got to see some fascinating footage of many different Arctic animals. If you like this file folder game you can download it HERE.


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