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COMING SOON: Winter and Polar Region Lapbooks

Winter has well and truly arrive in Merry ol’ England! With icy cold mornings and freezing, foggy nights I thought it was about the right time to open our winter theme project folders.

Here’s a taster of what’s coming up shortly, insha’Allah:


This my daughter, Samira’s Lapbook about Penguins. She has been begging me for ages to prepare a Penguin lapbook for her … I finally got around to it. I pooled some resources from various websites to create the lapbook elements needed.

She is also doing a mini project on Animals in Winter which covers Hibernation, Migration and Adaptation of various animals through the winter months.


My two younger girls, Amina (5yrs) and Basma (4yrs) wanted to learn about Polar animals too, and I managed to find a wonderful little File Folder Game for them which involved labelling Arctic Animals and matching them to the description cards provided in the game.


They are also working together on a Winter Lapbook which includes a variety of activities such as learning about hibernation, animals in winter, animals in the Polar regions, winter weather (snow, ice, frost, etc) and more.


Yusef is working on a larger lapbook all about Polar Animals which I found on the HomeSchool Share Website.


And alongside that he is also doing a mini lapbook project on the Inuits and Eskimos.




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