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Surah Al Fatihah Word Work Book

I came across the templates for these wonderful Qur’an word work books on Umm An-Nu’man’s blog: A Muslim Child Is Born. She has gone to a great deal of effort to create these workbooks and has made them available to download for free from her blog, may Allah reward her, ameen. To make the workbooks […]

Virtues of Surah Al Fatihah Workbook

We have recently been doing a review of Surah Al Fatihah and its tafsir. This is my son’s wookbook on the Virtues of Surah Al Fatihah based on the Tafsir of Ibn Kathir. It consists of a set of pages to read and complete. I got these worksheets from the homeschool link on the Salafy […]

Tashkeel File Folder Game

I was recently looking for some resources for teaching Arabic when I came across this wonderful file folder game on Umm An-Nu’man’s Blog: A Muslim Child Is Born. The sister has kindly made her files available to download for free, may Allah reward her, so please be sure to go check out her blog insha’Allah. I made […]

Solar System GIANT Lapbook

We started this lapbook with the intention that it would just be Samira’s project as part of our Space unit study. Yusef had already made a mini Solar System Flapbook a few years ago. But when I saw the huge number of templates for this lapbook I knew it would be better if both kids worked on it together. […]

Arctic Animals File Folder Game

We are currently working on our Polar Regions study unit and I had this file folder game saved for this. I came across it on the File Folder Fun website. Its perfect for my 2 younger girls to learn and recognise some of the most common Artcic Animals. I glued down the animals inside the file […]

Solar System Totbook

A few months ago we did a space theme unit with a focus on the Solar System. While this subject was quite new for my other kids, this was more like revisiting in detail for Yusef who had already made a small Solar System Lapbook when he was younger. Yusef and Samira were working on a […]

Rabbits Lapbook

If you haven’t guessed already, yes this is another of Samira’s lapbooks … she’s mad about animals, she has a new favourite animal every week, masha’Allah. She’s been on at me for ages to prepare a Penguin Lapbook for her and I’m pleased to have found some resources and templates which she is currently working […]