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Fantastic Islamic Workbooks

I’m always on the look out for reliable Islamic Workboorks and recently came across a fantastic Islamic Store called Sunnah Bookstore. They sell many books that are not available to buy elsewhere in the UK. Many books are imported from the US including these two workbooks from SalafyInk Publications.

One workbook is based on Usool Thalaatha (The Three Fundamental Principles) by Shaykhul Islam Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahhab and the other is based on Al Qawaa’idul ‘Arbaa (The Four Principles – Regarding Shirk) also by Abdul Wahhab, rahimahullah. Both books contain the Arabic text too.

I highly recommend these books for any Muslim household. These workbooks are suitable from age 5 and upwards … an invaluable addition to any classroom, masha’Allah.

You can also follow Sunnah Bookstore’s updates on new products and sale items on Facebook at:



One comment on “Fantastic Islamic Workbooks

  1. As salaamu alaykum wa rahmatullaah Ukhti,
    Just want to say what a nice site you have Allaahumma barek lah.
    Also, Salafi publications in Birmingham have a wonderful selection of books and only deal with authentic publications here is their site:

    You probably already know of it?
    Take care
    Um Abdillah

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