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Islamic Studies Plan Poster

Recently my husband took it upon himself to prepare a study plan for our children ready for the new year so that we can see as a family how and where our various study units and projects tie in with our Deen (Religion/Way of Life). He focused on 3 main ayat that show the importance […]


Asalamu alaykum and hello to all of you who have kindly subscribed to my blog. This is just a quick message firstly to let you know that I haven’t left the planet (just yet!) and that I will be returning to blogging very soon, inshaAllah (God willing). I decided to take some time out after […]

Fantastic Islamic Workbooks

I’m always on the look out for reliable Islamic Workboorks and recently came across a fantastic Islamic Store called Sunnah Bookstore. They sell many books that are not available to buy elsewhere in the UK. Many books are imported from the US including these two workbooks from SalafyInk Publications. One workbook is based on Usool […]