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Dinosaur Wax Paintings

As part of our dinosaur unit we did some art and craft activities. We got the idea for this one from my daughter’s Mr Maker folder.

The kid’s copied pictures of dinosaur skeletons onto white card using a white wax crayon. For this to work the crayon MUST be wax.

Tip: Get the kids to practise their drawings first on black paper but if they are still struggling then let them draw very faint pencil lines and then go over the top with the wax crayon.

I prepared three colours of poster paint mixed with water until runny.

Then the kid’s brushed over the entire page with the paints blending the colours to get a nice effect, and as the paint is passed over the page it doesn’t stick to the wax so these parts showed up white to reveal dinosaur skeletons.

This is one I copied from the book for Basma.

This is Yusef’s T.Rex

And this is Samira’s Triceratops

Another way to get a nice effect is to dip sponges into the paint and dab it all over the paper to reveal the picture.



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