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Ramadhan Memory Card Game

This is a great little game to help kids pass the time while fasting or to keep them occupied while you prepare for Iftar.

I found the printables for these memory cards here on Umm Abdul Basir’s blog along with many other fantastic Ramadhan craft ideas, may Allah reward her for sharing, ameen.

There are actually two sets of cards, one with colours and one black and white. I printed the black and white ones and gave them to the kids to colour.

Samira (my little arts & craft genius) helped me with the cutting out and gluing together.

There are 9 matching pairs of cards, each picturing a Ramadhan scene. Before playing the memory game we talked about each card and it’s meaning for the younger girls to better understand, i.e. Iftar is the small meal when breaking our fast; Crescent is the moon that tells us when Ramadhan begins and ends.

The kids mixed up all the cards and then laid them out in rows to begin the game.

They took turns trying to find matching pairs and if they found a matching pair of cards they had to try to explain what their cards meant.

Matching pair of date cards – Explanation: We eat dates in Suhoor and iftar to give us energy when fasting; the Prophet, sall’Allahu alayhi wasalam would break his fast with dates and water.


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