Plant Life Cycle Posters

I decided we would have a bit of an art and craft day and our theme was learning about plants and their life cycles.

I got the kids all sat down and I read to them from one of our life cycle books called ‘Seed to Sunflower’. We had a discussion and then each of the 4 kids made a poster based on something they had learned.

Here they are working hard, sticking, cutting, gluing to make a poster that explains a process they had learned.

This is Basma’s poster that shows the four main parts of plants.

This is Amina’s poster about Germination.

This is Samira’s poster about Pollination.

And this is Yusef’s poster about photosynthesis.

Posters are a great learning aid and a great way to get your kids to display their understanding of things.


2 comments on “Plant Life Cycle Posters

  1. I love your work, Can I please have your permission to post some of your work to Pinterest?

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