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Hatching a Dinosaur Egg

I found this clever little toy in our local supply store and thought it would be a bit of fun for the kids after all their hard work on our dinosaur unit.

The egg has to be put in water and after 24 hours it begins to ‘hatch’. Ours took slightly longer because I didn’t fully emerse ours in water for the first 24 hours. It kept floating and it was then I realised there must be air in the shell.

The egg has a couple of tiny holes in the top and bottom to allow the egg to fill with water and the rubbery dinosaur inside absorbs the water, swells and breaks through the mache egg shell.

I took pictures of it over a period of hours as it started breaking through the shell.

And here is our baby dinosaur (I’m guessing it’s a Stegosaurus??) which the kids named Buddy.


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