Ramadhan Silhouette Frames

Alhamdulillah, Ramadhan is here again, and to welcome the month we decided to do some art & craft all about sighting the hilaal (crescent) that marks the beginning of the month of Ramadhan.

First of all I printed some templates of masaajid (mosques) to pencil around onto black paper. I then cut them out and my two younger girls, Amina (5) and Basma (4), glued them down onto some purple card.

Then I drew crescent moon shapes onto silver glitter card for them to cut out and stick down.

Then they glued down silver sequins to make the stars in the night sky.

This is Basma’s picture after it has been mounted onto a piece of gold card to look like a frame.

Amina proudly showing her art work.

My daughter Samira (8) decided she didn’t want to make a frame, instead she made a Ramadhan Diorama. My son Yusef is 9 now, masha’Allah and he felt that this kind of work was ‘baby-ish’ so he spent a bit of time reading the ayat from Quran on sighting the month and reading through some tafsir with his father. He then decided he would make his own frame so that he could practise his Arabic.

Here is Yusef’s frame after he’d finished highlighting his calligraphy, masha’Allah.

Now the frames decorate their bedroom wall.


2 comments on “Ramadhan Silhouette Frames

  1. salamu alejkum,
    very nice baaraka Allahu lahum

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