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Fruit and Vegetables File Folder Game

I took this neat file folder game from the File Folder Fun website. There are a number of fruit and vegetable picture cards included but I included a few more of my own.

I don’t actually use file folders so instead I folded a sheet of A3 card in half. When it’s opened there are two baskets at the bottom of each page – one for fruit and one for veg.

On the back of the file I glued an envelope to store the fruit and vegetable cards.

My kids have fun identifying fruit and vegetables and putting them in the right baskets.

And as an extension, when we went food shopping we went around the entire fruit and vegetable section just for fun naming which foods were fruits and which were vegetables. With my kids shouting at the top of their voices “FRUIT!” “VEG!” We got some strange looks but all good fun!


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