Dinosaur Lapbook

This is my son, Yusef’s Lapbook all about dinosaurs. Recently, he reached a chapter in his science textbook that covers fossilisation and dinosaurs so I thought we would make that a rest point for him where he could do some lapbook work. You can download the files to make this lapbook HERE.

He recently made a flap book all about Fossilisation  which you can see HERE.

And my younger two girls were working together on a Dinosaur Totbook which is now complete and available to view.

We have also been doing a few other dinosaur activities which everyone has been taking part in, including art and crafts, file folder games, fossil-making and even a mini project to hatch and grow our own Triops.

This is how the lapbook looks as it folds out.

First are these matchbooks that show key words and inside Yusef has written a definition.

This is a flap book about the days of creation. After researching numerous ahadith we listed the creation in the chronological order we found to be most correct, and Allah knows best.

Next is a stacked notebook all about dinosaur diets, Yusef wrote definitions for herbivore, carnivore and omnivore and listed a few dinosaurs under each category.

As the lapbook is fully opened you can see stretched across the top is a timeline. This shows the Mesozoic Period divided into three main time periods. Under these time periods, Yusef listed a number of dinosaurs.

Here is a stacked book showing which dinosaur fossils have been found on which continent.

This is a T-book that shows characteristics which identify as reptilian.

We had a huge discussion as to whether dinosaurs existed at the time of Prophet Nuh (alayhi salam) and concluded that they probably didn’t but we included this pin wheel anyway to discuss why dinosaurs may not have been able to survive after the Great Flood.

In this pocket are a set of fact cards for a number of dinosaurs. Yusef coloured the pictures and wrote facts on the back including whether they were herbivore, carnivore or omnivore and where their fossils have been found.

Next is a mini fact book. on each page Yusef chose a dinosaur to draw and write about.

This is a bargraph showing how tall certain species of dinosaur were.

And finally on the back of the lapbook are some dino-shaped cut outs which we used to stick dinosaur jokes on.

If you would like to make a similar lapbook you will find the templates available to download from the Homeschool Share website.


6 comments on “Dinosaur Lapbook

  1. Some great ideas here. We stole and adapted your timeline!


  2. BarakAllah fiki. May Allah reward you for sharing these beautiful pieces of work that we can use and benefit from.
    We really appreciate it

  3. Baraka Allahou fik c’est super mach Allah. Qu’Allah te récompense pour ces partages !

  4. Fantastic job! Loved your ideas!!

  5. i really like the work done on this project. Ukhti is it possible for you to send me the mini my dinosaur fact book that you’ve included in the lap book and the cover for the pinwheel. Allahumma baarik Alayki for all your efforts.

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