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Dinosaur Wax Paintings

As part of our dinosaur unit we did some art and craft activities. We got the idea for this one from my daughter’s Mr Maker folder. The kid’s copied pictures of dinosaur skeletons onto white card using a white wax crayon. For this to work the crayon MUST be wax. Tip: Get the kids to […]

Ramadhan Memory Card Game

This is a great little game to help kids pass the time while fasting or to keep them occupied while you prepare for Iftar. I found the printables for these memory cards here on Umm Abdul Basir’s blog along with many other fantastic Ramadhan craft ideas, may Allah reward her for sharing, ameen. There are […]

Plant Life Cycle Posters

I decided we would have a bit of an art and craft day and our theme was learning about plants and their life cycles. I got the kids all sat down and I read to them from one of our life cycle books called ‘Seed to Sunflower’. We had a discussion and then each of the […]

Hatching a Dinosaur Egg

I found this clever little toy in our local supply store and thought it would be a bit of fun for the kids after all their hard work on our dinosaur unit. The egg has to be put in water and after 24 hours it begins to ‘hatch’. Ours took slightly longer because I didn’t […]

Clay Dinosaur Fossils

I saw some cheap air-drying clay in our supply store and it reminded me of something I had seen online a while ago. We have a large tub of toy dinosaurs so I thought it would be fun for the kids to use them to have a go at making some dinosaur fossils. I gave the kids […]

Dinosaur Fact File

This is a fact file that Yusef put together on various species of dinosaur. It contains different pages dedicated to different species. You can download the pages for this lapbook as a zip folder HERE. Also included are trivia and word puzzle pages. Great fun for every dinosaur enthusiast.

Dinosaur Lapbook

This is my son, Yusef’s Lapbook all about dinosaurs. Recently, he reached a chapter in his science textbook that covers fossilisation and dinosaurs so I thought we would make that a rest point for him where he could do some lapbook work. You can download the files to make this lapbook HERE. He recently made […]