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Honey Bee Fact File

My daughter, Samira has recently been reviewing the Honey Bee and completed a fact file that I managed to find some years ago online. The file is in PDF format but I also added in some extra worksheets which I made myself in order for her to show her understanding.

The pages are hole-punched and strung together inside a card folder. Samira read through the information pages and completed the activities as she went along, filling in the missing words, or writing a few sentences for the definitions.

In addition to the fact file pages, she also used our ‘Egg to Bee’ life cycle book to complete a worksheet I designed on the growth phases of the Honey Bee.

I also made a worksheet for her to complete with sequence drawings to outline her understanding on how bees make honey.

Here are some of the other activity pages, including spelling practise, missing words, crossword and word finds.

If you would like the files for this fact folder you can download them HERE. You can also check out our free Bee Notebook Pages and our Honey Bee Project/Lapbook.


One comment on “Honey Bee Fact File

  1. I totally love this series. Thank you for doing it.


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