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Arabic Studies

My husband has recently set out a timetable for the kid’s Arabic studies for four times a week.

With my own knowledge of Arabic being limited I start off doing individual letter worksheets with the kids followed by handwriting practise.

We then progress to short vowel and long vowel recognition such as “ba, bu, be” and “baa, boo, bee”.

This is then followed by learning to recognise the letters in their initial, medial and ending forms.

We put all of the above into practise by using word cards, such as the names of animals.

From there the children’s father takes over using the lesson plans from SchoolArabia.net.

Amina and Basma, who have just turned 4 and 5 respectively, are both just starting to learn the Arabic alphabet using wooden puzzles and flash cards. I have also recently ordered some reading and writing products from the Learning Roots website which are specific to Qur’anic studies.

If anyone would like the set of Arabic Alphabet worksheets and handwriting sheets, you can download them free from the File Share widget on the right side of the screen as you scroll down.


One comment on “Arabic Studies

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