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Honey Bee Fact File

My daughter, Samira has recently been reviewing the Honey Bee and completed a fact file that I managed to find some years ago online. The file is in PDF format but I also added in some extra worksheets which I made myself in order for her to show her understanding. The pages are hole-punched and […]

Our Triops Tank ~ Part 2

It is rather unfortunate, but our triop project has had to come to an abrupt end …. thanks to our cat! Yes, you’ve guessed it … our cat managed to pull the triop tank off of the shelf spilling gravel, mud, sand and 2 and a half litres of water all over the carpet!! Sadly […]

Sumerian Shield (Lesson on Circles and Angles)

Recently, Yusef has been working through his Galore Park History Textbook, learning about the Bronze Age and the Sumerians. The Sumerians were credited with the invention of the wheel and were great mathematicians. I tied in Yusef’s history lesson with a maths lesson on how to draw accurate cirlces and measure angles accurately. The Sumerians […]

Arabic Studies

My husband has recently set out a timetable for the kid’s Arabic studies for four times a week. With my own knowledge of Arabic being limited I start off doing individual letter worksheets with the kids followed by handwriting practise. We then progress to short vowel and long vowel recognition such as “ba, bu, be” and “baa, […]