Humpty Dumpty Totbook

This is my daughter, Amina’s totbook. You wouldn’t think there would be a lot that you could include in a totbook about Humpty Dumpty, would you? Think again!

This cute little totbook includes cut out and paste story sequence cards, colouring activities, and lots of facts to learn about eggs, such as how eggs can be used in foods and different kinds of animals that lay eggs.

It also includes some nice little art and craft activities.

I made this totbook with a sheet of A3 card folded inwards to A4 size.

These are a string of Egg Fact cards all about different animals that lay eggs.

Here are another set of Egg Fact cards about using eggs as food. Amina thought about the different ways we use eggs in our own food and drew some pictures to illustrate that.

Inside this flap is a picture of Humpty Dumpty that Amina coloured, cut out and glued down.

These are a set of letter E cards strung together with a word started with the letter E pasted down on each card. Why the letter E? E is for eggs.

This little book lets your child complete the story sequence by correctly pasting down the pictures in the right order.

Here we have some cards strung together shaped like horses. The cards are blank and so could be used as you wish. I decided to get Amina to think about and draw the different foods that horses like to eat.

This final set of cards are more scientific. It lists the different animal groups (fish, reptiles, birds, insects) that lay eggs as well as listing specific animals from those groups. Amina cut them out and pasted them down and we looked them up in our animal books to find out where they lay their eggs, etc.

On the back of the totbook Amina used art and craft supplies to make her own version of Humpty Dumpty with tissue paper, pom-poms, googly eyes, felt shapes and glitter glue.

If you’d like to make a similar totbook you can find the files available to download HERE.


3 comments on “Humpty Dumpty Totbook

  1. As Salaamu’alaiki Umm Imaan

    Can You explain again where your files share widget is to download the tot book?

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