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Dinosaur Totbook

We have been learning alot about Dinosaurs recently. My son Yusef has been busy making a Dinosaur Lapbook and he’s been enthusiastically telling his sisters about every dinosaur fact he has learned.

My younger girls wanted to get involved so I decided to make this Dinosaur themed Totbook with them. You can download the files to make this totbook HERE.

I made this totbook by taping 2 sheets of A3 card together and folding them in on themselves so that the folder becomes square-shaped.

On the back of the totbook I made a pocket to hold the various activity cards used in the totbook.

This is a colour by number type activity which my daughter Amina beautifully coloured. She had to add up the digits to find the correct colour number. I found this colouring page on the Enchanted Learning Dinosaur Page.

In the centre of the totbook are 26 alphabet tiles in lower case. And these are the upper case cards for the kids to practise matching upper and lower case letters.

This is a pocket holding cards of dinosaur halves and the idea is to match the two halves correctly in the space provided.

Under this flap is another puzzle activity. The kids need to recreate the ‘I Love Dinosaurs’ scene by correctly fitting the puzzle pieces into their correct places. They can use the guidelines to help or they can have a go at putting the puzzle together by themselves.

This is a small pocket containing letter cards for both Amina and Basma to spell out their names.

This is a pocket containing Brachiosaurus cut outs of various sizes to practise size sequencing.

These are a set of number cards 1-10 which can be used on the blank tiles to practise counting, number ordering, odd and even numbers and any other game you can invent.

These are a set of 26 dinosaur cards with one dinosaur representing each letter of the alphabet, i.e. A for Apatosaurus, B for Brachiosaurus.

The idea is for the child to sound out the name and match it to the correct letter tile, i.e. G for Gallimimus.

For kids who are very interested in dinosaurs, these cards are also useful for general research. We used The Natural History Museum’s Dino Directory to look up and do a bit more research about the dinosaurs listed on the cards, such as whether they are herbivorves or carnivores, and where in the world their fossils have been found, and then we would point that information out on our large wall atlas … and it’s amazing how many little facts stick in childrens’ minds, masha’Allah.

Finally, we have a set of puzzle pieces for the children to make shape-puzzle dinosaurs … there are shape pieces to make a Stegosaurus and a Brachiosaurus.

They can either place their shapes over the top of the dinosaur template or they can make their own dinosaur puzzle seperately.


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