Count to 10 File Folder

I made this file folder when my daughter Basma was just starting to count. She used to count things by touching but sometimes she would be counting faster out loud rather than matching the number of objects she was counting. So this little file folder game was great to help her slow down and count objects carefully and individually.

This file folder is A5 size and when opened out it shows chickens numbered 1 to 10 and a string holding a set of cards showing different numbers of eggs in baskets.

The idea is for the child to count the number of eggs on the card and match it to the corresponding chicken. This helps reinforce both counting and number recognition skills.

If you’d like to make a similar file folder game you can find the templates available to download it HERE.


2 comments on “Count to 10 File Folder

  1. I can’t seem to find the download for this. is it still available?

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