2 letter Words File Folder

You would think that two-letter words would be easier to learn than three-letter words, but that’s not always the case. Many two-letter words in the English language are not pronounced how they are written and this can be confusing for small children who are just beginning to read.

So I was rather fortunate to come across this colourful set of two-letter words that I was able to make into a file folder. I found the templates on the File Folder Fun website.

Now I can sit and practise daily with Amina (and Basma) or even a couple of times a day to help her learn and remember the words. These words are usually learned based on sight-recognition as opposed to pronounciation (sounding out) and once these words are learned and memorised it helps to speed up sentence reading in future insha’Allah.

I also took the time to check an up to date English dictionary and I can confirm that these are all the most commonly used two-letter words in the English language.

For additional practise and reinforcement I also get Amina to write out and read back as many of the two-letter words as she can.


5 comments on “2 letter Words File Folder

  1. Thank you Iman..Tomorrow is my daughter’s exam and I hope your effort is really going to help her a lot. Thank you in Full Faith..So Be It. Aum Amen Ameen 🙂

  2. Alhamdulilah and Masha Allah for this beautiful and inspiring page.

  3. Sorry to say the file folder website was of no help. A direct link from you would be helpful, or just a download. I was unable to access this activity.

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